Unfinished Voyages

"Unfinished Voyages - A chronology of shipwrecks provides the reader with a fascinating narrative of shipwrecks and the modern techniques used to locate these drowned time capsules. It is sometimes easy to forget that history is much more than simply names and dates and that what now is rubble once was a proud vessel, and at the end, was perhaps the scene of an intense struggle for survival.

The author has woven the tales of the last voyages of selected ships and daring rescues to portray the development of American maritime commerce and the evolution of the lifesaving service into the modern Coast Guard.

The book also provides practical information. The chapter 'Locating Lost Ships' is an excellent concise discussion of modern methods methods of discovering the resting sites of old ships. The appendices which span half the length of this well-illustrated book, definitively list regional newspaper research sources, northeastern life saving stations and a chronology of over 5,000 vessels lost off the northeastern United States in nearly 400 years of maritime history. Unfinished Voyages is an exceptionally well-crafted work that will be of value to anyone who has an interest in maritime history."

- Terrence M. Rioux, Diving Officer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, Massachusetts USA