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Unfinished Voyages, by John Perry Fish (1989). This book makes a great gift! Unfinished Voyages: a chronology of shipwrecks describes shipwrecks of the northwestern Atlantic and draws together the intricate strands that make up the history of shipwrecks of the northeastern United States. Illustrated with photographs of shipwrecks from New York to northern Maine, the book recounts some of the most noteworthy shipwrecks to occur on these shores over a 350 year period. Stories include the early shipwrecks of Captain Adrian Block's Tiger in New York, the HMS Astrea in New Hampshire and the many warships sunk in the Penobscot Disaster during the American Revolution.

The book further details the tragedies occurring in Boston, Gloucester and Cape Cod during the triple hurricanes of 1839 when maritime fleets of the northeast were devastated in a series of December storms. It was these storms that moved Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to pen his famous poem "The Wreck of the Hesperus".

The book also reports the activities leading to the formation of the Life Saving Services and how, often against terrific odds, their job was accomplished. The Life Savers work on the Long Island wreck of the Circassion form the background of the story of this famous shipwreck. The book provides a fresh look at some of the more interesting maritime activities along these shores while narrating some of the tragedies associated with many of the wrecks.

This is a fascinating text for both the active researcher as well as the "armchair sailor".

Feature: an appendix of over 5,000 ships listed along with the dates of their loss which occurred along the shores of the northwestern Atlantic.