Sound Reflections

"Sound Reflections is the most definitive text book written on the subject of advanced side scan sonar applications published to date. After becoming familiar with the basic theories and concepts of sonar and its propagation, (outlined in a basic sonar text by the same authors), Sound Reflections is a must-have reference for those involved in the use of side scan.

Continuing with the clear and straightforward writing for which the authors are known, the helpful use of didactics and emboldment support an uncomplicated explanation of advanced sonar technologies. Examples include analog and digital sonar data as well as that generated by chirp sonar and unmanned, untethered vehicles (UUVs). The color and gray-scale illustrations are tied closely with explanations of data interpretation and system operations. The Glossary reflects many recent technological advances. I found this text invaluable in teaching commercial, Naval and other government clients theories of advanced sonar operations."

- Robert M. Morris, Advanced Sonar Applications Engineer, Mattapoisett, MA USA