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The Institute for Marine Acoustics is an organization of marine scientists and engineers interested in providing information on imaging sonar through education and training.

This site includes a brief excerpt from a training guide for students of side scan sonar technology. To view this sonar primer click on the button above. There is also a glossary of sonar terms of common expressions and words associated with sonar and its applications.

Sonar textbooks and training manuals by John P. Fish and H. Arnold Carr are available from this site. For information about the texts click on the Reference Books button above..

Periodically, IMA holds courses on the following topics:

  1. Basic Side Scan Sonar Technology and its Application
  2. Advanced Applications of Side Scan Sonar
  3. Marine Aspects of Air Safety Investigation
  4. Submerged Target Location, Identification and Recovery

The IMA staff also includes personnel who are qualified to provide consultation in:

  • Search and recovery operations of submerged targets involving manned diving, ROV/UUV systems and/or manned submersibles.
  • Marine remote sensing data interpretation including sonar, magnetometry and optical systems.

For information on the above courses and services, email us: